About Me

Chetan Sameer

Chetan Sameer had it all figured at a very young age that ‘fashion’ is going to be his cup of tea. Inclined towards style and glamour during since his early years, Chetan began experimenting in photography with his friends. While this inclination forwards fashion industry grew, however Chetan had no where dreamt of pursuing ‘photography’ as a career until his adult years.

Chetan Sameer photographic Passion started not long ago. After exhausting himself with viewing the world through a point and shoot camera, Chetan Sameer bought himself a camera with his salary and initiated an unstoppable journey of clicks and stills. In less than few years, Chetan managed to establish himself as a Fashion photographer and the pathway towards fame and success has already been opened for him since then.

A self taught photographer, Chetan Sameer believes in the power of perseverance and hard work. He explains, “Never in my life did I ever take any photography courses or assisted any photographer for that matter! So, when I began my photography career, all I had with me was the passion towards this genre and a strong undying will to make it happen. This passion and dedication towards my work is what keeps me going.”Inspired by the work of Very famous Photographer of India, Chetan says, “I m truly inspired by the work of Him and I wish I could click pictures like that guy does. His work is extremely profound and compelling. ”I don’t enjoy the plain ordinary shoots as much as I enjoy the projects where I get a chance to outgrow my own creative powers. And I make sure to wear this creativity has every single minute of my life.”

As a fashion photographer, Chetan Sameer ensures to involve himself in every aspect of a fashion shoot be it hair or clothing or concept designing. He explains, “I feel it is important to connect various threads that exist in any photo shoot. For me, I pay close attention to every minute aspect of a given shoot. I feel that it is important for a photographer to get a holistic sense of the concept as it can help in enhancing the creative factor in a much better way. I think this ability of weaving the creative threads together is my personal core strength.”

A blend of creativity, innovation and fervor, Chetan Sameer envisages himself as ad maker and director while continuing to savor photography as his first love.